Sraith Grianghraf an Bhiúró (BSM G)
Tá isteach is amach le 400 grianghraf a cuireadh faoi bhráid an Bhiúró sa tsraith seo, cuid mhór acu ar léir ar an gcéad fhéachaint orthu gur íhánna sainiúla de chuid na linne iad. Tá roinnt áirithe grianghraf sa Bhiúró nach íhánna comhaimseartha iad, mar shampla na grianghraif ón aer de shuíhanna Érímach na bliana 1916 a thóg an tAerchór tráth ní faide anall. Luaitear cur sí bunúsach maidir le 'grúpaígrianghraf ó dhaoine áirithe san innéacs a bhíg an mBiúró leis na grianghraif ar dtús. Is féidir cuardach a dhéanamh ar fud shraith grianghraf an Bhiúró tríhliceáil ar an íón cuardaigh thí. Nuair a rinneadh digitiú ar na híhánna, rinneadh digitiú ar na lipéid a bhain le hábhar a bhír chúl na ngrianghraf freisin. Tá treoir bhunúsach faoi bhealaíhun cuardach a dhéanamh go héifeachtach ar fáil ach breathnú ar comhairle maidir le cuardach éifeachtach. .

Group of five including the late Dick McKee. Taken in the Nov-Dec 1912.
Group of five including the late Dick McKee. Taken in the Nov-Dec 1912.NAMES OF PERSONS IN THE ATTACHED PHOTOGRAPH. Standing - Left to Right. Dick McKee. E. Fitzgerald. Seated - Left to Right. M. McMahon. G. Malone. J. Hickie.
Group of five including the late Dick McKee. Taken in the Nov-Dec 1912.Personal Mr. R Kavanagh, Governor, Mountjoy 63 Cabra Park, Phibsboro, Dublin 12:6:53. Dear Mr Kavanagh, I received your letter and the picture of Dick McKee which you kindly left at main Door for me some weeks ago and I owe you an apology for the delay, which was not entirely my fault. I have much pleasure in acceding to the request of the Bureau of Military History and am pleased to enclose a copy of the group giving the names, at the bottom of the photo, of each person. We were all friends for some
Group of five including the late Dick McKee. Taken in the Nov-Dec 1912.years from around 1909 and the photo was taken late in 1912 - November or December on the occasion of the departure of J Hickie for Australia in early 1913 and I think Dick would have been about 21 at the time. M. McMahon was very friendly with Dick and was in the printing line in Gills up O'Connell. George Malone was employed in the old M. Gwky As a clerk. Dick with ourselves, used attend the band performance given in Marlborough Barracks by the 5th Lancers band after Church parade each Sunday but I don't think he attended solely for the music and I have an idea that this may be one good reason for naming the barracks after him. As a matter of historical interest I met Dick about 9 O'clock on Easter Monday 1916 just outside the Main Gates of Glasnevin Cemetery. He was dressed in uniform and cycling in the direction of town and he pulled up and had a chat with me. He enquired if I had noticed many volunteers going into town and he appeared very pleased when I answered in the affirmative. Just before leaving he shook hands with me and told me "There is serious work ahead to day" and I wished him good luck. I don't known any members of Dick's family and I regret I am unable to say if they hold a copy of this photo. Hoping you are keeping wells yours sincerely J E FitzGerald.
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